We have a new name

We have recently changed our name and rebranded from Biarri Supply Chain to Scopta.

The change is part of a strategy to develop our own identity while ensuring we deliver solutions and a style of service that’s distinctive and consistent to our origins as a part of Biarri. Biarri has been a leader in providing commercial mathematical solutions for over a decade in a wide variety of fields. Like other Biarri companies before us, we are now a separate organisation and have our own identity.

The acronym SCOPTA sums up what we do. We provide Supply Chain Optimisation Applications to help businesses make better decisions. The new tagline ‘Mathematics in motion.’ is deliberately short, memorable and describes what we do –  precisely enabling supply chains with powerful commercial mathematics.

The main visual change you’ll notice is our new company logo, new product logos and this website.

What won’t be changing though is the insightful and down-to-earth approach you expect from us and the powerful tools we deliver to help you improve efficiency and make better decisions.